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 Sport City - The Martyr Memorial St. 

P.O. Box: 960628 Amman 11196, Jordan

 962795154199 , 065154199

 Whatsapp :962795828860

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General Manager

Deputy General Manager

School Principal

Director of Operation and Administration

Mr. Hussam Amary

+962(79) 5050081

Financial Department

Mr. Qusay Al-Majali

Registration Director

Ms. Tamador Rabaia

+962(79) 5828860

Kindergarten Section

Ms. Lamees Al-Bitar

Primary Section

Ms. Sawsan Al-slaibe

Boys Section

Ms. Haleema Jalanbo

International Section

International School Coordinator and Counselor

Ms. Noor Alsamarraie

+962(79) 7833639

Ms. Noorhan Ja'far

+962(79) 9138023

Human Resources

Ms. Rasha Al-qaise

Girls Section

Head Of Department 1-6 International

Ms. Emilia Abdallah

+962(79) 8529690

Head Of Department 7-10 International

Ms. Hiba Salman

+962(79) 0442244

Head Of Department 10-12 International

Ms. Yulia Kononova

+962(79) 9266680

Head of Information Technology

Mr. Layth Salem

+962(79) 6053302

English Supervisor

Ms. Ranya Almzraawi

Music, Vocational and Art Supervisor

Ms. Enas Bani Mustafa

International School Arabic Language, Social and Islamic Studies Supervisor

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