School Philosophy, Vision and Mission

Oxford Schools' philosophy, since our inception, is to provide quality education to all students and to pursue the goal of developing high-quality educational standards. Therefore, our school vision has been created

 “Better Education for a Better Future”

Our school vision has two essential parts; Better education and a better future.

At Oxford Schools in general and The International Section in specific, better education depends on several aspects of success. Better education is based on the majority approval on a very comprehensive suitable practical curriculum. This curriculum must have all the elements of providing the best knowledge and skills students need. This is supported by ongoing continuous teachers' training, resources, and other supportive materials. Better education depends on recruiting qualified administration and teaching staff. Better education is recruiting high qualified academic- subject supervisors. Better education is recruiting qualified academic coordinator- counselor and social workers. Better education is recruiting a high qualified head of departments. Better education is updating technology and communication. Better education is updating the school website and student portal. Better education is high qualified transportation staff and safe-modern vehicles. Better education is high qualified safety plans and procedures. Better education is Oxford Schools.

All these and more lead to a better future. For the past three years, Oxford Schools have graduated top highly ranked students countrywide and worldwide. Most of our students attend their desired universities. Our students' success reflects better education that leads to a better future.

School Mission Statement is:

"To Have a Great Influence on our Students' Knowledge, Personality, and overall Future"

Our school vision fulfills our school mission. The well designed selected curriculum, highly qualified staff and teachers, and all aspects of success mentioned above leave a great influence on our students' knowledge, personality, and overall future.