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School Philosophy, Vision and Mission

Oxford Schools' Philosophy

Oxford Schools' philosophy is aligned with its vision and mission statements. It is the journey that has started more than 20 years. We do believe that this learning journey has been a journey of excellence. Our school data, students internal and external score results and feedback from all stakeholders have shown a continuous positive progress. This has been achieved by the great efforts, impressive commitment and devotion from our teachers and school staff members. Our values and beliefs focus on skills, competence and conduct respect, care, integrity and trust, this is the spirit of our school mission and vision. Therefore, our school vision summarizes this journey.


A learning Journey of Excellence

Our school mission is an action plan. It does meet all learners needs and expectations.


To enrich our community with responsible, highly educated, honest, and confident citizens that positively impact the community in their everyday life situations

Here, at Oxford Schools, our top priorities are learning and building students’ character. We are part of this world; we are all earth citizens. Building responsible, highly educated, honest and confident citizens is part of our commitment, responsibility and goal. Without any doubt, a variety of school and classroom activities can confidently lead and assist. Learners enhance life skills and knowledge such as; critical thinking, classroom presentation, robotics classes and modern language classes. These are drafted, organized and implemented by well-experienced staff members and teachers. Their continuous professional training seminars have transformed what have been learnt on paper to action plans. Critical thinking skills can assist in shaping learners’ way of thinking. You don’t take things as they are. Social and religion classes and activities can reshape learners’ soul and hearts. Humanity, caring and sharing win at the end. Being a human is by birth, to be a good citizen is by what you learn and how much you care.