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Oxford Schools theatre is a multi-purpose facility which seats 300 people in comfort with excellent panoramic viewing.

There is also the possibility of adding one hundred extra seats when necessary.

It is fully equipped with audio-visual systems and is top-rated among private schools theatres for space and equipment.

The theatre is also designed in a way that makes viewing a pleasure.

The stage is spacious and elegantly designed. Students usually present their shows and performances under the supervision of a professional theatre management and crew.

The theatre management is in charge of overseeing all matters related to the theatre such as cleanliness, maintenance and coordination of activities in light of the Schools events schedule.


The theatre hosts the following activities:

  • Lectures and seminars’
  • Evenings of poetry events, forums and debates.
  • Shows, performances and concerts.
  • Graduation ceremonies for all grade levels, and ceremonies for honoring the best students in sports, behavior, etc.
  • Meetings of parents and teachers, student councils meetings, and student parliament meetings, meetings of the Private Education Directorate representatives.
  • Board of Directors’ meeting.
  • Educational shows.
  • Training for graduation ceremonies and other events.