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About Oxford

Oxford Schools was established in Amman in 1996 by a number of the finest men in the country, their objective was to establish an educational environment that will contribute in bringing up the coming generations of youth, endowed with a modern spirit and appreciation of science.

Since its inception, Oxford Schools commits to provide a suitable educational environment that helps their students in developing their talents, skills and creativity.

Oxford School will continue to provide the society with brilliant generations of graduates, who will enhance the development of the society by their outstanding efforts. This is due to the great support it receives from different parts of the community, and the continuous high demand on the school which is witnessed year after year.

In order for Oxford Schools to extend its services to the highest known standards, Oxford Schools have established several new educational and sport buildings; it also provides a unique learning environment which meets and satisfies the students' needs. In addition, the Schools have also fully equipped science and computer labs with necessary appliances that help in bringing up and developing their students' skills and creativity.

The sports facilities in the Schools were built according to International standard and are designed to fulfill the sports needs for the student, such as football, tennis, table tennis, karate, swimming in Olympic pools.

Oxford School was keen to employ the best educational and administrative staff members who are able to fully prepare the students to face life cautiously and rationally and keep up with the new developments of the third millennium from a modern educational perspective, in a way that will help the student preserve his national identity and his cultural legacy. Special care has been given to providing the students with the ways that will assist them in exploiting available technologies, obtaining and analyzing information, being aware of their rights and duties, adhering to their Arabic and Islamic values.

We hope to be able to continue our educational mission to serve our country and our Hashemite Leadership, with the determination, will, and loyalty inspired by the wisdom of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn AL Hussain, God Bless Him.


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