Special Needs

Welcome to Oxford School for children with learning disabilities where a world of social emotional growth and success awaits your child. Oxford School for learning difficulties is a community of dedicated teachers that have created an educational experience for children with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder that goes beyond the definition of "school".

Our program aims to empower children's self-confidence and provides focused support for each child's particular needs. We provide children with learning disabilities the academic setting and social development they need in order to reach their full potential.

Oxford provides a strong foundation for learning so children can return to mainstream education.

It offers the finest individualized instruction and the support children need to achieve and return to a traditional classroom.

Oxford Special Needs Section education edge is that it offers a one-to-one tutoring and focused on the needs of the child's whole development.

Our rigorous curriculum includes reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies.

The use of technology and the arts helps to create new pathways in the brain and provides the opportunity for children to express themselves in new ways.

Oxford School for children with learning difficulties ensures a successful future for your child. Our goal is to build your child's academic, social and emotional competence.


The Special Needs Section Fees for 2018/2019

Grade Fees(JD) Payment
1st 2365

1st : 830
2nd: 830
3rd : 705

2th 2420

1st : 850
2nd: 850
3rd : 720

3rd 2530

1st : 885
2nd: 885
3rd : 760

4th 2750

1st : 970
2nd: 970
3rd : 810

5th 2860

1st : 1000
2nd: 1000
3rd : 860

6th 3080

1st : 1080
2nd: 1080
3rd : 920

7th 3135

1st : 1100
2nd: 1100
3rd : 935

8th 3300

1st : 1155
2nd: 1155
3rd : 990

9th 3580

1st : 1255
2nd: 1255
3rd : 1070

10th 3740

1st : 1310
2nd: 1310
3rd : 1120

Date Of Payment



Accident Insurance (75) JD
Registration Fees (75) JD
Recovered Insurances (75) JD
Special Educational Activities (150) JD