Oxford School has six libraries; a library in each Section.

  • The Senior International Section (7 - 12) library provides students with all facilities that can help share the responsibility in improving their education and to serve as a research center. Our learning center includes the American and British Curriculum.
  •  The Elementary International Section (1 – 6) library provides students with the required resources (T.V., Laboratory equipments especially made for children, etc.) to improve their level of awareness, skills and knowledge.
  • The Kindergarten Section library is stocked with all the required resources for our KG children including colorful picture books and instructional toys.
  • The Elementary Section library housing science, history and literature picture books, children's stories, a T.V. for students to watch instructional and history films.
  • The Girls' Section has a library housing a rich collection of Arabic and English books on all domains of knowledge. The main library is located at the Boys' School. It houses various science and literature books, as well as, numerous reference books.
  • The Boys' Section Library also provides patrons with a welcoming comfortable environment that promotes exploration and research.


All Oxford Schools libraries have access to the Internet.