The Importance of knowledge in our life

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God has given us the mind, and has distinguished us by it , in order to enrich our knowledge and help us build the world , and think more about God’s blessings.

Our religion gave knowledge a high standing that nothing could ever be compared to it, and taught us to ask for more.

God’s first command was (Read), also, a lot of hadiths were about asking us for more knowledge and reminds us of its importance.

Our prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said :” Allah makes the way to Jannah easy to him who treads the path in search of knowledge” .

Knowledge is like a lamp that enlightens human lives and protects them from ignorance and darkness.

God has honored the seekers of knowledge and made them the heirs of the prophets.

“Are those who know are equal to those who do not know “ God said Humans are in desperate need for education and knowledge , it’s necessary to make life easier, however , knowledge has great impact the life of individuals and on societies and the basis for the development of nation .

No nation dominates another with of having knowledge in Education refines the human personality and boots self confidence and releases the mind from delusion. As long as individuals are the building blocks in improving societies, so the rise of societies comes from its individuals and can lightening their minds with knowledge and education.

We should keep in mind that the road of education needs sacrifices and no one learns through laziness. Asking for it is a worship and devotion.

Source : Mrs. Summaya Aldughamen

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