Achievements of Ibn Sina

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Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina is Abu Ali Al-Husain bin Al-Husain bin Ali bin sina, a Muslim scholar and a doctor. He was born in Uzbekistan in 980.

He was full of intelligence and wisdom; he memorized the entire holy Qur’an before he exceeded 10 years old, also he was a lover of travel to seek knowledge, and wrote so many books in medicine and philosophy. He has been described as “Father of modern medicine” and “Prince of medicine”. He was the first to write about medicine. He also studied philosophy and literature; he made great achievements in science. He died in 137 in Iran, and this article will include some of his works.


Ibn Sina’s achievements remain significant until now. These are the main points:

Earth science:

  • He discovered that light travel faster than sound, for example lightning travel faster than the sound of thunder. Also he talked about the relationship between hearing and sound waves, and how sound can travel through air waves.
  • He invented a device to monitor stars coordinates.
  • He wrote so many books on “earth science”.


Plant science:

  • He described the plants accurately, and explained the roots, leaves and flowers.



  • In his book “The Qanon of Medicine” he describes about 670 drugs, and he talked about pollution and how it cause diseases, including “respiratory allergy”.


  • He is considered as one of the first Muslim scholars to talk about the importance of psychotherapy and the impact of mental illness on the nerves and body, such as fear, anxiety and sadness.
  • The first to describe paraplegia, and the first to know the difference between paraplegia that is caused by an internal cause and paraplegia that is caused by an external cause.
  • He explained the stroke.
  • He was the first to reveal infection, and how to transmit some diseases like smallpox and measles.
  • The first to describe gynecological diseases, such as: vaginal occlusion, fibroids and puerperal fever.



  • Ibn Sina shows great skill in the field of surgery, he has mentioned several ways to stop bleeding, whether by tying or by moxibustion with fire.


  • He invented a machine that is used to measure the length accurately, also he described the movement and serenity, which is Newton’s first law.


  • Ibn Sina was also influenced by music and he wrote several short poems.

List of works:

  • Ibn Sina wrote more than 200 works in various disciplines:


  • The book of healing.
  • The book of salvation.
  • The book of Remarks and admonitions.


  • The Qanon of medicine: it was used as standard medical textbook for seven centuries.
  • Drugs,for the Heart Book (AL-Adwiya AL-qalbiyah)
  • Kitab daf’ Al-madar al kulya.
  • Paper on anatomy.
  • Paper on food and medications.


  • Summary of the Euclid.
  • Summary of the Almagest.
  • Astronomy book.
  • Paper on angles.


  • Thesis that invalidates the rule of the stars.
  • Thesis on the upper planets and the reasons of lightning and thunder.
  • Thesis in space.
  • Thesis in plants and animals.

Ibn Sina’s most famous quotes:

  • Illusion is half sickness, calmness is half the cure and patience is the first step of healing.
  • The human mind draws its strength from the strength of the soul and this is a force that is not insignificant.


Psychology is concerned with the study of human behavior, including the problems of people’s daily life, this science aims at understanding, interpreting and controlling the human behavior.

It is necessary to preserve our mental health, because it’s one of the factors that prolong our life.

There is much that god has created to achieve harmony between our souls and the universe, such as nature, trees, seas and mountains, which create a positive effect on our mental and spiritual health.

The most important of these natural blessings is the sea, where there are many benefits of it in psychology, in this article we will talk about these benefits of the sea in psychology and its general benefits to the body and soul.

People prefer to sit in front of the sea, where the sea waves provide psychological and physical comfort. A psychological study shows that sitting in front of the sea and inhaling fresh air has effects and benefits on the health of our body and mind.

The sea has an effect like magic on the body and mind; it has become known that meditation is magical treatment for anyone who seeks comfort. In addition, the smell of the sea and sound of waves and the view are magical in eliminating mental sadness and reducing tension and improving the mood.

When sitting in front of the sea, the body produces a hormone which calms the body psychologically and physically, then we feel comfort and inner peace, and when we go through tension, the only reaction we do is to search and find a fresh air that relaxes the soul and body.

It is a scientific fact, that the pure blue color of the sea provides the body with calm and comfort, color has energy to help us feel serenity and restore self confident, it also helps replace negative energy in the body with positive energy.


Some studies indicate that looking at the sea and sitting in front of it for five minutes is equal to visit in a the psychiatrist for week, and the benefits of the sea for the body and soul are as follows:

  • Increase the blood pumping in the body.
  • Improve the mood.
  • Benefits skin.
  • Useful for the chest and respiratory system.
  • Increases body activity and improves overall health.
  • Relieves tension and stress

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