Children's Talents and Attitude

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What is a talent?

A talent is a creative natural ability or aptitude that characterizes a person, every child has his / her special talent. Way of thinking, feeling or behaving; every child is talented.


Talent characteristics and Development:

  • A talent is like a seed that needs fertilizing, watering, pruning and taking care of through the refinement of manners and words permanently.
  • Talent does not change through time whatever principles, manners and behavior do.
  • Talent can be first discovered in the playground where children express themselves naturally and freely.
  • Focus must be placed on their strengths and exploring their talents in order to help them discover themselves. Talents convert them into sources of power.
  • Children can learn and develop significantly when their energy is directed toward what they can do rather than toward their weaknesses or their remediation. This can be achieved using the potential the children themselves possess.


Type of talent Characteristics
The Curious Kitten
  • Always raises questions using the word “why?’.
  • Why are the swings different in color?/Why do the leaves fall off a tree?.
  • Is eager and excited to know and learn more.
  • Enjoys inventing and searching.
The Organized Bee
  • Enjoys organizing toys in their places before and after playtime without being asked to.
  • Never throws toys around a place and is highly organized.
  • Enjoys being called to help systemize and coordinates things around the house or in a classroom.
The Fluent Parrot
  • Is charismatic and has an influential presence through the way he talks.
  • Likes to shine and be at the center of attention.
  • Is able to convince other children smoothly to try a game by giving his own experience of how great this game is to draw attention.
The Dedicated Ant
  • Is wholly committed to finish an assignment.
  • Accomplishes tasks required perfectly; such as making the ideal sandcastle / building a Lego model that requires a lot of concentration and exclusive attention.
The Confident Lion
  • Is a pioneer who is the first or among the earliest to try new things and is never afraid or ashamed of failing.
  • Always has the willingness to try unfamiliar things and be part of new experiences.
The Responsible Kangaroo
  • A kind of person who can be highly relied on.
  • Is trusted and very dependable in achievement; such as giving him the mission of calling other kids and assigning them the task of cleaning up after playtime.
Spider the Planner
  • Has a future readiness or insight.
  • Is very interested in the details of different kinds of jobs.
  • Acts out the types of jobs while playing; such as having a performance of being an astronaut who reached to the moon while standing on a high place in the playground.
The Competitive Rabbit
  • Has a strong desire to compare his performance to others.
  • Is always ready to compete with other kids to succeed.
  • The first to line up – an indicator of his / her competitive nature.
  • Loves to participate in athletic activities.
The Kind Dolphin
  • Is characterized by empathy.
  • Always abandons what is he / she in doing for himself to help all who need his / her help.
The Friendly Puppy
  • Loves to be around with others and blends in very easily.
  • Masters making connections between people and is happy about it.
References: Strength Based Parenting/ Gallup

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